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Phylum: Zygomycota | Phylum: Basidiomycota | Phylum:Oomycota | Phylum: Ascomycota | Phylum: Deuteromycota


Above is a picture of the Oomycota in a test tube.


Name: Saprolegnia Ferax (as seen above)

Characteristics: This filamentous fungus reproduces sexually and asexually (as seen to the right) .Asexual, hyphae form sporangium which release flagellated spores (similar to sperm).These spores swim to a food source, turn into haphea and grow into new organisms.Sexually, Hyphea form antheridium which makes sperm, and oogonium which makes eggs. The sperm travels to the eggs and  fertilization occurs in the oogonium. From this a zygote is formed which changes into a new organism


The above picture shows saprolegnia under a 400X power microscope.


Environment: Saprolegnia live in the water, and use fish as hosts. This makes them aquatic.

Adaptations to the Environment: Saprolegnia ferax have cell walls that contain cellulose. This makes absorption of food in the water easy.This fungus uses water for spore movement, helping the species to reproduce.

Ecological Role: This fungus destroys and decomposes thousands of fish every year.

Medical Roles:Saprolegnia is used in cloning to increase molecular knowledge of organisms. saprokent/saprolegnia.htm