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Phylum: Ascomycota

The below pictures show Ascomycota.



Name :Morchella deliciosa

Environment:This fungi prefers wooded, damp areas in nutrient rich soil.(terrestrial)

Characteristics: These delicious fungi are dikaryotic, meaning that they have 2 nuclei instead of one in each hyphea.The nucleus is surrounded by two membranes separated by a spore wall. Morchella delicioso also has a dikaryotic stage and has intricate spore dispersal.This fungus is both sexual and assexual.




On the left is a diagram of the sexual and asexaul reproduction of Ascomycota.

Adaptations to the environment: Uses wind blown spore dispersal. Fruiting bodies are only produced when the environment is right.

Ecological roles: It decomposes wood and leaf matter to help soil stay nutrient rich.

Medical roles: Morchello deliciosa is used in Eukaryotic genetic research and is used in some antibiotics.


The above is White Morel (Morchella deliciosa) of Ascobolus stercorarius.