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Phylum: Deuteromycota


The above shows a type of Deuteromycota's effects on leaves.

Name: Entomosporium maculatum
Characteristics: Known as imperfect fungi, entomosporium reproduces only assexually. It reproduces by means of condiospores. The general belief is that these fungus were originally sac fungi which evolved to have no need of sexual reproduction.

Environment: This fungus is parasitic to rhododenrom leaves. It is terrestrial.
The below shows a picture of aspergillus niger, one of the species exsisting from Deuteromycota.


The above shows a picture of Deuteromycota viewed underneath a microscope.


(a)sexual explaination

Adaptation to the Environment: This fungus uses it's host as a food source. And has evolved dur to it's environment to not need sexual reproduction.
Medical Role: Is a pathogen to leaves and has no healing power.
Ecological Role: Attacks leaves and wipes out rhododendrom plants.